About KRC

Kachinland Research Center

Kachinland Research Centre, a non-profit research organization headquartered in Myitkyina, Kachin State, was founded in 2015 as a constituent member of Humanity Institute, an umbrella organization founded in 2012 mainly focusing on human rights issues, education and media. The aim of KRC is to promote social science research, engage in critical conversations about Kachin society, and build a comprehensive data bank of Kachinland. In order to materialize that goal, the Centre is doing rigorous field research, publishing research works in Kachin, Burmese and English languages, and lecturing in education institutions. During the course of its formation the Centre has built up an effective research network throughout Kachin State and Northern Shan State by doing field research, participating as a resource center in the conferences, seminars and workshops in collaboration with several international and local organisations and networks.

“Kachinland” encompasses Kachin State, Northern Shan State in Myanmar, Dai-Jinpho autonomous prefecture of Yunnan Province in China, and, Changlang, Bordumsa, Lohit, and Tinsukia Districts of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam in India

Vision: self-determined, enlightened, and doing society


  1. Promoting social science research in Kachinland including Kachin diasporas

  2. Assisting in the processes of peace building, development, and democratization of Myanmar

  3. Assisting and strengthening the capacities of civil society, political parties and education institutions in Kachinland

  4. Promoting the voices of native, and young scholars in conversations with voices of non- native scholars

  5. Building a comprehensive data bank in Kachinland

Motto: Knowledge is not merely to interpret the world but to change it. 

Logo Description:

The symbol of Nga Shaga, Omniscient Ox, is adopted from Kachin oral history. The legend said, while the Kachin’s ancestors were wandering in the wilderness, it was Nga Shaga who led and guided them to the land of plenty, and taught them the art of living. Provoking the symbol Kachinland Research Centre aims to assist in thinking through the ways and means of social, economic and political developments of Kachin People living in Kachinland.